Food for Thought. Have a great day!

As I reflect on the last couple of days, I am compelled to share a message with my fellow educators.

You may have read my blog entitled “Check Your Approach” discussing OUR approach with STUDENTS. Well,today, during your busy work day, I ask you to be attentive to your approach with your colleagues as well. I recently spoke with a gentleman on Twitter about the power of words and its affect on our fellow teachers. It matters as much to US as it does to our students. So, if you’re wondering why your colleagues are reluctant to speak to you or help you in some way, you may want to stop for a moment and check your approach.

If, in fact, we all bear the same passion and purpose for educating, then we should realize that what we do isn’t about us at all. Check your approach today and everyday, because the power of words can change a working relationship in an instant. #foodforthought

#Transitions #ExpectGreatness


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