Time Flies


I absolutely cannot believe summer has gone by so quickly! The last time I shared something was the end of June! My intentions were good people. They really were! But if I’m being completely honest, I don’t feel that bad about it. In fact, I think you will probably understand once I share with you my ever lingering “problem”.

As many of you know, I completed my doctoral degree in April 2013. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year and a half since I earned that accomplishment!

imageThat’s me on graduation day!

I think back to all the late nights, the long hours of studying and writing, and the summers spent at little league football or baseball games with books and homework in tow. Summer vacations during those six years always included long periods set aside to research, write, and hardly ever time to rest my brain. I was always thinking, always worried, always on a deadline. My laptop and study materials were always among the first items packed if we found time to travel at all. I’d stopped participating in many things I enjoyed doing and replaced them with hours upon hours spent in the library or locked in my room instead. Since my children were young when I entered the doctoral program, my studying was a normal fixture in their minds. It’s what they were used to.

imageYep. That’s me! This is what taking a break from reading, searching resources online, & studying looked like during my doctoral studies!

Last summer was the first summer in six years that I was truly FREE to do anything I wanted. I took a vacation with my husband, traveled with the entire family, sat at little league baseball games and actually WATCHED every inning of every game! I enjoyed myself tremendously! It was all so exhilarating…and awkward at the same time. But guess who enjoyed it even more. My babies. Yes, my husband was pleased as well, but my children made it very clear that all they wanted was their mommy back! I wouldn’t dare disappoint.

This summer, I’d planned to connect with all of you at least every 3-4 weeks in some capacity just to let you all know I was still around. Transitions Educational Consulting, LLC continues to grow and education reform continues to define and shape our practice. I had a clear, definitive plan for growing and developing Transitions this summer. However, what happened instead was I chose to be present for my children entirely because there was a moment this summer that I connected with each of them, and I could see the time flying right before my eyes! You see, for six years my husband and children could say, “Mommy, let’s watch a movie.” and I would have to respond, “Okay. Right after I’m done studying.” I suppose I still feel some guilt about that, but I know that they are the reason I pushed so hard in the first place.

At the same time, amazing things were happening and I was missing it! At some point during those six years, my oldest son grew taller than me! How in the world did I miss that?! My middle son…he had started wearing men’s size shoes! He was on his way to the fourth grade then! Oh, and my daughter? She’s the baby of the three. She was reading picture books the last time I had noticed and then…all of a sudden, she was reading chapter books and having high-level conversations with me that left me in awe! I mean, it feels like only months ago, although it’s been 7 years passed now. No way! Not another second will I lose.

imageMy children and I at their district track meet over the summer. I coached them!

I have missed my Transitions blog a great deal, but I’ve enjoyed the time with my family this summer so much more. Every time I prepared to write or visit my blog site, send a Tweet, or post on my Transitions Facebook page, one of my children would require some attention. I admit, I put every task on my “to do” list aside right at that moment, just to watch a movie, to take a walk, play a game, or just to cuddle with them. I loved every single second of it, too. Now that’s a lingering “problem” I’ll endure any day!

imageFamily night at a baseball game.

My fellow educators, we have a very tough job. Tougher than many others. Yes, we get time off in the summer to recuperate, but realistically, many of us spend it preparing for the following year, attending professional developments, or collaborating with coworkers. I implore you…take a break when time permits. Laugh with friends, reminisce with family, or do nothing at all! It’s really okay. In the end, you cannot go back and get that time you lost.

So I respectfully ask that you please accept my apology for being absent for the summer. Transitions has great things in store for this year, so be on the lookout! But, for these last days of summer, time continues to fly by…and I choose to catch every last second while I have them.



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